Exciting wedding food trends for 2021

Exciting Wedding Food Trends for 2021

Now that you have picked a date and booked the perfect venue, it is time to think about the wedding reception.

You can create your own customized menu by combining local gastronomic traditions with audacious culinary novelties. An original menu is the best way to impress your guests and make sure your wedding will be as unforgettable for them as it will be for you.

  Modern society’s attention to the food industry is now stronger than ever, for this reason the wedding menu must be studied in detail to propose innovative, original but above all tasty solutions. Nowadays, most caterers are able to create interactive and original culinary experiences, engaging the guests’ five senses. Flavor-wise, a pinch of unconventional ingredients can be the game changer that gives a dish that special flair. As for presentation, the combination of colors and shapes can turn a dish in a real work of art. The unmistakable scent of spices and aromatic herbs can inebriate the smell of all those present at the wedding and the pleasant sound linked to the preparation of various delicacies can trigger the sense of hearing. Lastly, the active participation of guests in the composition of their dishes, by adding the items they prefer, can activate the sense of touch allowing to live a more immersive experience.   Here are some trends that have become increasingly popular at wedding receptions over the recent years:  
  • Food stations
Creative and interactive food stations are replacing the classic buffet lines. These food “islands” are strategically located to facilitate the guest flow, avoiding lines and creating a real gastronomic route. From ethnic stations to show cooking, the variety of food available is ever-increasing. Sushi kiosks, taco or dessert bars and food-trucks on vintage vans with the live preparation of the delicious morsels are only some of the many creative ways to enjoy the wedding menu, especially the aperitif. Another trend that has become increasingly popular is Roaming Food Bars, an informal and interactive way to have your guests experience quality food without the need to move around stalls or stations.   We are experiencing a return to nature. In fact, trending healthy and green dietary lifestyles have made the inclusion of creative vegetarian and vegan options a must in wedding menus. Such trends have become an inspiration for real culinary research, where the combination of flavors and presentation goes hand in hand with an environmentally conscious philosophy. On this line, the use of seasonal and locally grown ingredients has become increasingly popular. Many caterers rely on farm-to-table food to create flavorful and filling healthy dishes. In Italy, and especially in the countryside, you will find heritage-infused menus and old family recipes made with products grown onsite, still allowing plenty of room for gastronomic experimentation. From a presentation point of view, there is an increasing attention on botanical looks with an emphasis on florals and fruit: edible petals, touches of rose water and lavender are at the center of this trend together with coconut, pink guava, passion fruit and European fruits.  
  • Unconventional desserts
Cake still reigns supreme, but creative dessert options have become more and more popular as they provide a fun an unconventional alternative. You can opt for original cheese towers or go for colorful cake pops, pancake stations, doughnut boards and macarons sculptures. Your creativity is the limit! Another idea that will add an original touch to your dessert buffet is the inclusion of a candy bar. Imagine dozens of types of candies and chocolates in glass jars of all shapes and sizes. The variety of colors and flavors will have a great visual impact and tickle your guests’ taste buds.   The wedding menu is not simply an item but a real art form comparable to the musical performance and visual decorations. A creative and interactive culinary journey will provide you and your guests with a truly unforgettable experience.           
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