The wedding makeup trends every bride should know

The Wedding Makeup Trends

There has been a strong shift in the bridal world in the direction of minimal beauty.

For both hairstyles and cosmetics, the trend is to enhance the natural beauty of the brides, with light touches and simple updos.

  Gone are the days of heavy contour and foundation, pink and solid matte lips. Opt for a refreshing and minimal bridal style that plays with brightness and warm tones. Here are our favorite looks, to be shared with your bridal beauty team at your next trial.  
  • Natural makeup for a balanced and harmonious effect
It’s not necessary to overdo with cosmetics to be flawless on your wedding day. In place of high base makeup, choose thin lines, barely-there eyeshadow and light contouring. Make your lips fuller by overlining them with a matching color or use gloss not too shiny and soft balms to give a more authentic look to your natural complexion. Use a combination of cream and powder of rosy blush to give you a romantic look that adds grace and elegance. Alternatively, opt for a monochrome makeup with the use of a single nuance on the eyes, lips and cheekbones, you will have a delicate and glamorous look.  
  • Metallic eye makeup for a perfect smokey effect
Metallic nuance makes a great alternative to standard tones, without being over the top. Underline the corner of your eyes with a colored highlighter or a glittery liner to give a fresh glow to your gaze. Use matte silver and gold tones or try something a bit bolder. Choose pearlescent, deep mauves, rusts and lilac tones with shades of grey to create a smoky eye, soft and sophisticated. Complete the look with long lashes to enhance your eyes with a glamorous effect.  
  • Red Lipstick for intense lips
You can keep the whole make-up minimal and add a statement red lip color that will pull the whole look together. In fact, a classy bold shade is the perfect way to add color and create a surprise effect when paired with the softness of a white gown. The key is to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Choose between a classic matte or a glossy red tint. You can even experiment with a blackened cherry shade, a makeup for a bride who is not afraid to be a little sensual. Another idea is to match the lip color with that of the wedding flowers or the dress of your bridesmaid, to further emphasize the chosen color.   To these natural looks you can still include original and bold details that best suit your personality. Unlash your imagination with the addition of floral and bright accessories in your hair or as jewels. You can even have fun with shimmery nail polish colors. Pick a color that matches your wedding day theme or opt for a frosted pink with silver or gold glitter, a cool and versatile combination that goes with just about any dress or bouquet. If you want to dare more, opt for contrasting nail art, multi-colored gems, geometric designs or a metallic manicure with iridescent polish.   These are just some inspirations to help you choose your wedding look. Hair & makeup are a very personal thing, every bride has her own unique taste.

Give yourself the chance to showcase your own look, breaking taboos and getting inspired by these unconventional trends.

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