Wedding lighting is much more than just a stylistic element


Functional and creative lighting is a must have at weddings.

It can make all the difference in the creation of the desired atmosphere, allowing you to personalize each moment of your special day.

  When it comes to organizing a wedding, there are so many elements that immediately come to mind, such as the venue, the dress and the reception menu, but this doesn’t mean that other details can be overlooked. A striking example is lighting: its mere presence or absence can completely change the look of everything you’ve planned. The approach on lighting for a wedding has changed through time. From element of pure functionality, with a few lamps to light up the wedding hall or the dance floor, lighting has become a way to creatively personalize your wedding. Today touches of light are used to set the desired mood at each moment of the event and to emphasize your wedding theme. From hanging installations and LED bars to string or fairy lights, the options are endless. The lighting setup will ensure that everyone at the wedding is focused on what’s important at the right moments, such as specific decorations and of course the bridal couple! Here are some lighting ideas you can use to transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Chandeliers These aren’t new as a form of illumination, but today they are used in much more creative ways. Instead of single items placed on tables, you can group or hang them on trees or other natural elements, creating a setting of charm and refinement.
  • Hanging Candles These are incredibly romantic and can create a pleasant effect, filling empty spaces.
  • Pathway Lights Place lighted candles or lanterns of different shapes along the walkway to highlight your arrival to the altar, or to help guests reach the different areas of the wedding venue.
  • Bistro Lighting This is an attractive twist on the standard string lights. Create tunnel lights, starry skies or bright walls to illuminate the wedding reception area.
  • Led Bars Use led bars to light up the walls of the reception hall or use illuminated letters with your initials to create a fun, personalized decoration.
  • Hanging Outdoor Lights Drape wide angle lights between trees to create an enchanted look or a waterfall effect.
  • Edison Lighting and Fairy Lights These lights are perfect to create a magical atmosphere at outdoor rustic, country or backyard weddings, especially in the reception and dancing areas.
  Lighting is much more than just a stylistic element of your wedding. Just as music moves the energy of a dancing crowd, lighting governs the atmosphere of the entire wedding. Don’t be afraid to have fun with lights: reinvent your wedding space with creative lighting effects that will create a truly unique atmosphere! Italian Weddings   Wedding lighting ideas Wedding lighting ideas Wedding lighting ideas Wedding lighting ideas Wedding lighting ideas
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