Wedding invitations: the business card for your special day


Are you looking for original solutions for your wedding invitations?

The possibilities are truly endless: from the more traditional invitations marked by a return to the past to fresher and more trendy layouts. Unleash your creativity and find the perfect option for you!

  Wedding invitations are a real business card for your big day. If you’d like to amaze your guests with an original design, pay attention to new trends and carefully select layouts that reflect and perfectly highlight your wedding theme. Let’s have a look at some emerging and evergreen trends:
  • Watercolour illustrations
It is one of the great classics for wedding invitations. The delicate shades and colors given by the pastel tones and watery brushstrokes are the perfect choice to start creating the romantic atmosphere of your special day. This watercolor trend is used particularly with floral themes. The drawings of bucolic plants and wildflowers refer to a country chic theme, while elegant floral elements, refined by golden details, best represent a bohemian style wedding.
  • Environmental sustainability
One of the macro trends that involves the entire wedding industry is linked to environmental protection.  Especially among young couples, a greater awareness towards a more eco-sustainable lifestyle is spreading. Craft and recycled paper, eco-friendly wax or vegetable inks, neutral colors ranging from white to green, botanical illustrations with leaves and branches are definitely the ideal details to insert in the invitations for your eco-wedding. Refine this organic and natural style with particular elements such as raffia ribbons, jute strings, twine or raw cotton ribbons. An even more eco-friendly choice is to switch from paper invitations and RSVPs to online ones. In fact it is a practical alternative, fast to ship and easy to achieve thanks to dedicated websites.
  • Original boarding cards
More and more couples choose traveling as their wedding theme or plan a destination wedding, setting their special day in a beautiful and exotic location, in another country. Following this trend, couples choose creative layouts that recall a plane ticket or a personalized passport. Complete the invitations also adding some information on the history and the particularities of the location where the wedding will be held to anticipate to your guests some special elements.
  • Minimalism and elegance
Invitations with simple, linear aesthetics are another of the trends emerging in the recent years. Wedding invitations with a minimalist style are characterized by refinement, attention to detail, clear calligraphy and prevalent use of white, often combined with black or metallic hues and shades. If you are planning a minimal chic or modern wedding, you can opt for layouts which include out-of-the-ordinary geometric shapes ranging from rigorous hexagons to modular cubes.
  • Space to personalization
Opt for the addition of hand-drawn portraits, maybe with some funny notes and witty tones, or photo-cards and polaroid pictures that portray you and your better half. You can extend this personalisation also to other elements of the wedding. For example, you can illustrate the wedding venue or one of the historical landmarks of the country where you hold your special day. Be inspired by the article and keep up to date on the new trends that emerge in the field of wedding invitations. Consider invitations as a truly unique element customizable in style, colors, materials and decorative elements, carefully chosen to best reflect the wedding theme and “vibe”.  
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