The Real Wedding of Massimiliano & Rossella

Wedding of Massimiliano & Rossella

The founder of our agency, Massimiliano, married his beautiful bride Rossella in Marbella, Spain, on 9 September 2016.

Everything was just perfect, as you would expect from a planner organizing his own wedding.

Let’s have a closer look at the details that made their special day truly magical.

As fil rouge for the event, Massi and Roxy adopted an international style, combining Italian traditions with Spanish influence. In fact, the liveliness, cheerfulness and intense colors that distinguish Spain created an atmosphere full of warmth and passion, typical of the Iberian culture.

Marbella, located in southern Andalusia between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, was the ideal place to host this type of wedding following the perfect Spanish tradition. Thanks to its lovely seafront and enchanting historic center, made of pedestrian streets and small white houses adorned with flowers, this town is a destination rich in charm. Although this treasure of the Costa del Sol is often picked for weddings on the seashore, Massi and Roxy chose a different setting, giving more importance to the beauties linked to its history and tradition. They had visited the city on a trip around the southern coast of Spain a few years back and fell in love with the deconsecrated chapel Iglesia de la Virginia, picking it as the venue of their wedding ceremony. Slightly outside the town center, this church full of history is located in a tranquil oasis immersed in nature. Just like the rest of Marbella, the white walls of the chapel recall the typical style of Mediterranean towns. During the civil ceremony the bride and groom promised to love each other on the notes of the musicians Acordeón para Bodas, which made the atmosphere in the chapel truly magical. After the ceremony, the festivities moved to the heart of Marbella old town, at The Farm restaurant in Plaza Altamirano. The aperitif took place in the traditional Spanish square, surrounded by white houses covered with colorful plants and flowers, as well as decorative Spanish fans. In a relaxed atmosphere full of fun and laughter, the guests then entered the secret patio inside restaurant for the wedding reception The Farm deserves special mention. It is in fact the oldest house in Marbella and for years it was owned by the mayors of the town, as it was the only building with a well and therefore with water. In the restaurant’s current setting every detail, from the white walls with hanging plants to the wooden tables, depicts its original charm. The traditional layout was accompanied by a modern and organic gastronomic proposal, made of raw materials and local products. In fact, the restaurant offers fruits and vegetables from its own garden, meat and dairy products from livestock raised on site and fresh fish, whereas the rest of the products come from local farmers. The wedding menu combined fresh and creative recipes with local wines, highlighting the culinary delights of the Spanish tradition. In addition to the excellent food proposal, another key ingredient that made the evening so special was the music. During dinner the soloist Raul Benitez played romantic songs on its guitar, whereas the live band Son de Cuba entertained the wedding guests with melodic tunes at the after party. A curiosity about this musical ensemble: the singer was one of the members of Buena Vista Social Club, the most renown and internationally famous Cuban band! Massi and Roxy had a simple but elegant wedding, which enhanced the surrounding environment and exalted the details of the Spanish tradition. The atmosphere was so cheerful that by the end of the wedding celebration all the guests had become friends! If you are a lover of Andalusia, of its intense colors, the warmth of its people and its beautiful landscape, you will find plenty of inspiration from this wedding. P.S. Thanks to all those who made the day of Massi and Roxy so special: the makeup artist and hair stylist Maria Arana of Maquillaje y Peinado, Grace Loves Lace that took care of Rossella’s breathtaking wedding gown, the Resort McDonald Dona Lola in Calahonda that welcomed all the wedding guests, the florist Susana Sanchez, the transfer agency Transportes Rabaneda, and last but not least the photographers, Daniel Marquez and Inma Naroi, that immortalized the wedding day with wonderful shots.
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