Picnic weddings: a unique and fun way to celebrate your wedding

Picnic Weddings

Some couples dream of a stately event with impressive settings, a refined menu in a venue in A Thousand and One Nights style. If instead you prefer the tranquility of the countryside or the romance of the sea in an informal atmosphere, opt for a picnic wedding in touch with nature.


These outdoor celebrations are an innovative, unconventional alternative and require much creativity and a careful planning of each detail.

  Picnic weddings are an unconventional idea especially suitable for romantic getaways or micro-weddings held in the summertime. However, they can be adapted to any kind of venue and guest number. You can range between the most sought-after version featuring food corners with a variety gastronomic proposals and champagne to a more casual solution, where guests sip beer and serve themselves from a barbecue area. Whatever option you prefer, the key element of this increasingly popular wedding reception is that everyone can enjoy the day together in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere without any stress or hassle. Read on to discover some useful tips to turn your fresh and unfussy wedding into a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  
  • Ideal Locations
Choose a wedding venue surrounded by greenery to set your special event. How about a garden where you can celebrate barefoot, freeing your feet from elegant but uncomfortable heels? In Italy you will have a wide choice of places with large and versatile outdoor spaces to live an open-air wedding. Simply think of the Apulia historical Masserie or the Tuscan and Umbrian farmhouses, without forgetting the medieval villages, castles and villas and the stunning coastal beaches. In these charming venues characterized by a great charm, you can insert cozy amenities and personal touches with lights and fanciful decorations. The added benefit of holding your special day in a garden or on a beach is the availability of a large space where you can organize fun activities. Keep your guests entertained by playing traditional games such as cricket, lawn bowls, frisbee or even boardgames and card tricks. These are just some ideas that will allow you to make the most of the great outdoors and your wedding guests’ company.  
  • Culinary proposals
With regards to the food offer you have endless possibilities. In a wedding picnic you can opt for dishes with organic and locally sourced products. In this case, choose a buffet service for the entire meal, with food corners dedicated to the various specialties of the area where the wedding is held. A second option is to take inspiration from the street food tradition and select food trucks. This option offers a wide and varied food selection. From pizza to sandwiches, from ice cream to candy, you can indulge your imagination. Another alternative to the traditional menu is to have a barbecue, with grilled meats, fish and delicious vegetables. Don’t forget to add some seats for your guests. If you are looking for an original option compared to rustic tables, you can opt for wooden pallets or blankets and pillows on the grass for an even more informal and relaxed feeling.   If you want to plan the best wedding picnic, the must-haves in terms of furnishings are plaids, pillows, wicker baskets and rustic tables. You can set a country style table with linen or raw cotton runners or checked tablecloths. Enrich the wedding venue with flowers at every corner and hang decorations on the branches of the trees. Add a romantic and colorful touch with bouquets of fresh roses and sprigs of lavender, or wildflowers and aromatic herbs. Lighting also plays a key role, especially for evening receptions. Add beautiful, rustic decorations such as scented candles and retro lanterns, they will create a suggestive and romantic atmosphere.   If you plan a picnic wedding, it is essential to also address the guests. Remember to include suitable dress code guidelines in the invitation. The traditional long, pompous dresses will be replaced by country style or hippy clothing. Suggest your guests to choose a comfortable, light outfit with floral decorations and lace. A picnic wedding is perfect for a couple who want an original outdoor celebration surrounded by natural greenery. Give space to your imagination and create an informal and festive atmosphere where all your guests can relax and have fun.  
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