Impactful floral arrangements for your wedding reception

Gone are the days when your guests could not see or talk to each other at your wedding reception. High and bulky centerpieces have been replaced by lower decors and different types of compositions.

To surprise your guests, you can opt for off-table statement arrangements such as flower clouds and suspended installations.


Personalization is the driving force of your destination wedding.

To create a truly stunning effect, in addition to the meticulous choice of your table decorations, add impactful floral arrangements and styling elements that draw the attention of your guests.

In addition to suspended lighting and statement chandeliers, unleash your imagination and work with your florist for the creation of innovative floral sculptures.

Here are some tips of installations to save space on long tables and enrich your reception’s venue with beautiful blooms:


  • Flower Clouds 

One of the latest trends taking hold in the wedding industry is that of flower clouds. They are pretty puffs made of soft florals and foliage that will hover above your guests in a perfect cloud formation.

They are designed to create a stunning focal point at your reception hall thanks to their full and fluffy nature.

Smoke Bush, ferns, gypsophila, hydrangeas or lush tree branches are great for voluminous and textured floral clouds. Spray them with colors that recall your wedding theme and mix them with wildflowers to add vibrancy.


  • Dried flowers and pampas grass

A sustainable wedding decor option involves the use of dried flowers. With seed pods, faded grasses and a selection of blooms, you can make stunning dried arrangements and creative installations.

An example of a plant to use for this type of decorations is pampas grass. Also known as cortaderia selloana, it is native of southern South America and due to its size and volume it is perfect for larger scale installations. In fact, it adds texture to any composition, from the bride’s bouquet to the background for the cutting of the cake.


  • Hanging installations

Hanging floral centerpieces are a wedding trend that has existed for a few years now. They are simple decorations but of great visual impact and can greatly elevate the layout of the reception venue. Take as examples loosely draped hanging garlands, circles of greenery and statement light fixtures covered in vines or flowers.

Add an extra special touch with the inclusion of long stems or lush tropical leaves.

Another particularly popular trend for marquee weddings is the use of single stem installations such as rows of upside-down flowers hanging from above or walls dotted with individual blossoms. The final result creates a romantic and stunning atmosphere.


  • Floral Moon Gates

They are the modern take on the traditional wedding arch and can be used as a ceremony background, as backdrop for the bridal dinner table and as a gorgeous photo booth.

These round floral arbors will add a wow factor to your reception with their unique shape and ethereal nature. The options in terms of colors and flowers types to use are endless: from roses and ranunculus to create a boho style arch to protea and tropical leaves for a modern and fun layout.

For your floral installations choose hardy and versatile flowers that can be adapted to all your ideas and reflect the wedding season. Make sure to insert touches of bright colors to your decorations to make them fun and lively.

For example, coral is a gorgeous hue for a summer wedding. Create arrangements with different shades of this dynamic color and add them in every decor of your wedding. Flowers that look particularly good in a bright coral shade are peonies, hydrangeas and several roses.

Impactful floral compositions will create a real show piece for your wedding guests, highlight the venue and add depth to a reception’s theme like nothing else.



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