Personalized welcome boxes for your guests

Personalized welcome boxes for your guests

An increasingly popular wedding trend is the preparation of useful and original welcome gifts to give to your guests at their arrival.

The idea behind this gesture is to show your appreciation for their presence by providing them with meaningful and customized items to be used on your special day.

Welcome boxes are great for every wedding, especially for guests coming from abroad. It is a way to pamper them after a long trip.

While a traditional welcome bag consists of essential elements for the wedding day, such as water bottles, packets of tissues and mints, bridal couples have the possibility to personalize the content and each detail according to their taste and wedding style.

The container can be of any shape and size, from a tote bag to a hamper basket or a paper box. Inside you will place a few hand-picked surprises and pleasant things that will make each guest feel like a special part of your big day.

You can personalize the bag or box to match the color palette and theme of the event, then indulge your imagination to find items that can make your gift package unique and personalized.

Below you can find some tips of creative welcome goodies to include in the gift bag. Each item can be personalized with your own monogram or wedding logo:

  • Personalized maps

If you are planning a destination wedding, it is likely that a good part of your guests will not be familiar with the area. Including a personalized map in the welcome bag will be extremely useful for them.

Don’t forget to mark all the major landmarks, the ceremony and wedding reception venues, as well as any information about transfers and means of transportation available in the area.

Keep an eye on the calendar and suggest some fun events to attend on the days surrounding the wedding.

You will have given your guests the opportunity to make the most of their mini-holiday for the occasion of your wedding.

  • Local products

A great way to give your guests a taste of the area where you are holding the wedding (besides of course the wedding reception) is to include some local, typical products that can go from culinary delicacies to artisanal artwork.

If you have picked Italy as your wedding destination, you will have countless products to choose from, including national and regional delicacies: from extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegar, from honey and jams to typical liqueurs, from bread to homemade pastries.

Italy is also characterized by its strong customs and traditions still alive thanks to the spread of art and local crafts elements. How about including in your welcome bag a Venice carnival mask, a Neapolitan horn or a colorful Sicilian majolica?

  • Favorite snacks

If you and your better half have a sweet tooth, there is no shame in celebrating it.

Select your favorite sweets and make sure all the snacks you’re including into the wedding bag are meaningful and tied to your most beautiful memories.

Opt for sturdy boxes with treats such as mini bottles of bubbly paired with personalized cookies, candy and chocolate bars.

  • Handicrafts works

If you or your partner have an artistic streak, insert your own work of art or something created with your hands at your welcome boxes.

Include handmade postcards, paintings that represent the wedding’s geographical area or its picturesque landscapes, a personalized poetry and handicrafts works.

You can also creatively decorate wedding programs with artistic touches to make them even more personal for each guest.

  • Beach weddings

Are you planning a beach party or a destination wedding by the sea? Make sure your gift bag includes sunscreen, fans and funny sunglasses in line with your marine-themed wedding.

Don’t forget to insert something tasty and refreshing, such as fruit lollipops and flavored water bottles.

  • Post-party recovery kit

If you’re planning a lively and fun party, you might consider adding a post-party recovery kit.

For example, you can include eye masks, eye drops, aspirin and do-not-disturb signs that match your wedding stationery for a fun and playful touch.

  • Welcome note

To make your wedding box even more special, don’t forget to add a welcome note to your loved ones.

This should be a personalized, handwritten card from you and your partner welcoming your guests and thanking them for their presence at your wedding. A heartfelt note will make them feel special and close to the bridal couple on this special occasion.

Gift boxes are a great way to welcome and pamper your guests, and at the same time provide a glimpse of the celebration to come.

Unlash your creativity with a mix and match of your favorite goodies, tasty local additions, and personal notes to give your guests a truly original, exquisite welcome.

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