Exploring 2022 wedding color palette: earthy and neutral tones


When wedding color palettes become too popular, they lose their exciting, innovative vibe.

This is why modern couples are finding unique and original ways to show their personality and amaze with out-of-the-ordinary choices.

Based on this trend, we see a broad spectrum of new wedding hues in 2022.

One of these is the combination of earthy and neutral tones that give rise to autumn colors, perfect for any wedding, all year round.

  Following the Covid pandemic, people had the opportunity to get in touch with nature again and spend more time outdoors. This newfound appreciation of the surrounding environment is already affecting the field of interior design, as well as weddings setups and tints. To create the perfect natural setting for your big day, combine shades of dusty rose, burgundy, burnt orange, rust and sage green with warm earthy colors such as burnt sienna, terracotta, sand tones and marigold yellow. These nature-inspired schemes made of saturated tones and rich, earthy hues work great with natural materials such as wood, metal, stone, linen and woven cotton. Terracotta pots, wood placeholders and linen napkins in neutral honeyed colors or in the brightest tones of rust and amber are the perfect decorations to the reception tables. Warm shades are ideal for autumn weddings, but thanks to the variety of color combinations they are suitable for all seasons of 2022. Below you can find some starting ideas where you can draw inspiration and select the perfect palette for your special day:
  • Autumn colors
Nature and landscapes in the autumn season offer many earthy tints from which to be inspired. As a base color, you can use brown joined by different other nuances to create original combinations. From the union of orange red, warm brown, cream and taupe for a refined and elegant effect to a more bold and luxurious choice opting for marsala, shades of brown and dusty blue. You can add touches of burgundy and rust red-brown for a more intense palette, or muted yellow and green details to echo fading foliage.
  • Winter colors
For winter weddings, you can draw on hues that recall the natural snowy landscapes. For a sophisticated and romantic color scheme, opt for the use of mauve, lavender, moka and grey. If you want to focus on a single nuance, you can choose shades of mute gray with touches of greenery and pinecones. Another neutral tone that goes well with winter is the warm taupe that you can select as the main shade. It is a natural color that can be easily matched with a Bohemian vibe.
  • Spring colors
The spring period is linked to the blossoming of flowers that brings with it the birth of an endless colors’ combination, from vibrant, light tones to neutral, pastel ones. If you love bold tones, you can opt for mustard yellow, orange red and cedar wood tints, or even mocha brown, earthy pink and gold, ideal for rustic and vintage weddings. If you can’t wait to play with paler nuances, choose colors on the line of ​dusty rose, blush and brown or even olive green and warm beige.
  • Summer colors
Summer brings with it sunny days and lush nature in its full bloom. Following this inspiration, for your wedding you can opt for fresh hues and add touches of copper or gold to bring a natural luxe to your decor. Match these basic colors to earthy red and warm tints or saturated, bold shades such as turmeric, marigold yellow and dusty blue to play on contrasts. The best aspect of these natural, earthy tones is the possibility to mix them together to give life to new, original shades that can be adapted to a variety of tastes and themes. Draw inspiration from these tips and color combination to create you ideal wedding palette made with warm and neutral colors
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