Celebrate Love Lakeside: Unveiling the Magic of Lake Como Weddings

Magic of Lake Como Weddings

Italy is known for many things, from its amazing Mediterranean cuisine to its profound architecture and culture to its fashion ideology. It’s truly a mesmerizing place to experience one of the most famous countries in Europe. What sets Italy apart is its famous cities and local towns as each part of Italy brings a certain magic to your overall European experience. One location in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region sets itself to a very high place, that location is Lake Como.

Lake Como is considered to be a destination haven for weddings, honeymoons, romantic getaways and even an overall beautiful resort to be in. Known for its romantic sceneries as it is located in the foothills of the Alps and shaped like an upside-down Y, the place is locally known as Lago di Como or Lario and it’s the third largest Italian lake right after Maggiore and Garda.

Lake Como is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and tiny fleets of ferries flitting across beautiful scenic towns filled with glamour and authenticity. Lake Como is also home to many luxurious villas such as Villa Pizzo, Villa Balbiano, etc. There is a famous town known as Bellagio which is also called as the Pearl of the Lake. A unique marriage between a classy old-town feeling and a new luxurious site. As you make your way up the steps from the harbor front you are greeted with five-star hotels and high-end shopping. There is something for everyone at Bellagio. 

As wonderful as Lake Como wedding is for sightseeing and getting lost in this perfect slice of heavenly pie in Italy, it is rapidly becoming a spot for a magical and unforgettable wedding destination. So, we will dive further into how to create a magical experience for you and your partner at Lake Como.

Choosing the time to organize your wedding in Lake Como

Lake Como is stunning during the summer season when the foliage is in full bloom. April, May, and June are considered to be the best time to visit as temperatures sores between 20 C and 24 C at best. The temperatures might go slightly higher during the day but it won’t tarnish the experience and excitement you encounter in Lake Como.

Magic of Lake Como Weddings

Create fun events for your friends and families 

There are many pre-wedding activities for guests and families to indulge in to enhance their Lake Como trip. From Ariel Tours of popular cities to exploring the towns and local culture, to hiking and boat riding and for people who want to have a less adventurous experience there is also wine tasting, a yacht cruise, relaxing at the spa, or just simply indulging in some local authentic Italian delicacies.

Arranging a wedding planner to take care of every detail

Lake Como gives you the magical experience with its picturesque views and amazing locations to have the grandest weddings you can ever have, which is why it’s highly important to even have a wedding planner who understands every important detail of the wedding. From location to the catering service, to makeup, to a photographer, and the perfect venue. 

Italian Wedding Destinations focuses on just that, they focus on the smallest details and understand the local culture as they understand how to interact with the local communities at Lake Como to take care of everything while you as a couple continue to dream of the most romantic and magical wedding experience.

Keep in mind that Lake Como has become more of a touristic spot over the years so the price of any given service will be high so it’s important to let the wedding planner, in this case Italian Wedding Destinations to focus on just that and get you a discounted pricing on everything.

 Lake Como Wedding

Arriving to Lake Como a few days in advance.

In a lot of cases, couples tend to arrive at Lake Como a few days before their big day. Arriving a few days before can be hectic and disorganized at times especially if you have not been to Lake Como before and don’t understand how everything is, no doubt Italian Wedding Destinations will take care of the entire planning and setup for your wedding so you do not stress but it’s highly recommendable for couples and their families to bask in the amazing atmosphere here in Lake Como wedding.

Enjoying the beauty of Lake Como will give you a high sense of satisfaction and you will be able to enjoy your entire time leading up till your wedding day and if you like everything you will definitely want to extend your stay.

Enjoying the magic of Lake Como and having a fairytale wedding

The most important thing is to simply enjoy and take in every inch of Lake Como. Truly its an example of a slice of paradise on earth, take your time and enjoy every single moment leading up to the wedding of your dreams. From the local cuisine to lush greenery tiny streets luxurious villas, and a beautiful lake that sparkles during the day. Have an amazing time and let Italian Wedding Destinations give you the wedding experience that’s ever so magical. For more information fill out our request form.

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