A Tuscan Fairytale: How to Craft Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany

Dream Wedding in Tuscany

If you’re thinking of getting married but you’re struggling with finding the right location then look no further. Located in the capital of Florence and surrounded with enchanting landscapes and lush vineyards and fields of sunflowers during the summer months. Tuscany is home to some of the most romantic and recognizable locations to enchant you and give you the most magical and picturesque locations to host your wedding Tuscany too.

Home to Renaissance art and architecture, scenic beauty, and rich culture. It’s the perfect location to plan your dream wedding. It’s truly considered to be a dream destination for many couples, whether you’re thinking of an intimate elopement or a grand celebration with your family and friends.

Scenic Beauty all around the region

Known for its picturesque and romantic landscapes it’s truly an ideal location for a wedding. One of the most striking features of the region is its rolling hills, which are surrounded in vineyards and olive groves. These landscapes provide a romantic backdrop for photography and wedding ceremonies, some of these sceneries include: The Apuan Alps, The Val D’ Orcia, The Cinque Terre and The Chianti Region.

Whether you plan to get married in a gorgeous vineyard, a romantic costal town or a breathtaking hilltop town, truly Tuscany has it all.

Amazing cuisine and wine culture

Famously known for its delicious food and wine culture, Tuscany is home to one of the most mouth watering mediterranean cuisines in the whole of Italy, the region is home to many traditional and modern-day dishes, such as Bistecca Alla Fiorentina (Fiorentina Steak), Cacciucco, Ribollita, Panzanella, Colonnata Lard, Tuscan Black Croutons etc. 

Tuscany is also famously known for its wines, particularly Boscolo, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chianti, Brunello Di Montalcino etc. which are often times served during weddings and receptions. 

With heavy emphasis on its history, culture and local ingredients, chefs prepare meals with fresh virgin olive oil. Herbs and seasonal vegetables grown locally, you will be able to serve a variety of delicious cheeses and ready to eat sliced meat such as Prosciutto di Parma and Pecorino.

Several wedding venues and catering services in Tuscany offer traditional menus paired with local and rich wine allowing couples, families and friends to incorporate the region’s delicious food and wine into their wedding. This enhances the overall experience for couples in Tuscany as it opens them up to local culture and traditional methods giving an all in all Italian wedding experience. 

Dream Wedding in Tuscany

Rich History and Culture

Italy has a rich history and culture in Europe and it’s also home to many historical sites and traditions that makes everyone intrigued when visited. With a rich heritage dating back to ancient Roman times and many historical architectures it’s an ideal location for a wedding with a cultural or historical theme, home to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Chianti Region and Uffizi Gallery. 

Couples who are willing to choose Tuscany as their dream wedding location are in for many beautiful moments as the region enhances your wedding experience with its charming towns and villages such as Florence, Pisa and Siena which offers unique settings for a wedding ceremony or reception. Additionally, Tuscany is also home to ancient castles, palaces and villas which can be ideal for wedding photography or having a beautiful outdoor reception as it will give a scenic and romantic atmosphere for your wedding. 

Breathtaking Gardens and Terraces in Florence

A beautiful garden or terrace can be a difference maker to enhance your wedding experience and Tuscany does just that by providing couples with a stunning setting for a wedding ceremony or reception. These outdoor spaces offer a romantic and picturesque setting and can be used for the reception as well as the ceremony. 

Several wedding venues in Tuscany feature a romantic garden setting which can be used for an outdoor ceremony. These gardens provide a lush green view tangled with colorful flowers and ponds or fountains giving a romantic outlook to the wedding experience. Some venues additionally come with gazebos or other miscellaneous settings that can be used for ceremonies, this adds a touch of elegance to the event.

This beautiful setting can provide an amazing photography and videography session capturing Florences’ natural beauty and stunning views as a backdrop to enrapture your special day.

Local and Professional Wedding Planners

For many couples the whole wedding experience can be frustrating at times especially if they don’t have any clear guidance as to how to plan the whole wedding from finding the correct venue to the perfect catering service and even having a misstep which could result in catastrophe for a romantic wedding experience, that’s where you as a couple seek for professional wedding planners and there is no one who plans the perfect wedding like Italian Wedding Destination. 

Italian Wedding Experience

Italian Wedding Destination have a wealth or experience and knowledge about the region and can assist couples with every aspect of their wedding from selecting the perfect venue, to overlooking the catering service and speaking to the locals to help you have a hassle-free wedding experience.

Affordable and Easy to Reach

Surprisingly, Tuscany can also be a very affordable wedding destination as there are many venues that offer a vast range of services at affordable price points, even though there are high-end villas and castles but there are many options that will help couples to not break the bank and these small settings can give a traditional and simplistic wedding experience such as traditional farmhouses and country inns.

Some venues also offer an all-inclusive package which can help couples save up to experience Tuscany as a whole and extend their stay. It’s also possible to find affordable and beautiful accommodation option for guests such as bed and breakfast, vacation rentals etc. which can be very cost effective towards family and friends.

Not to mention that Tuscany is highly accessible and well connected by road, air and railway making it easy for couples and guest to reach. The regions main airport is Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport which is located right outside of Pisa. The airport is connected to many European cities and there are also several other airports in the surrounding regions for instance Florence airport which also offers a wide variety of flights within Europe and Internationally.

Overall Tuscany is yet another hidden gem within Italy that needs to be discovered and it’s home to many traditional settings for a perfect picturesque wedding. With so many reasons to choose Tuscany there’s no doubt couples are in for a wedding experience of a lifetime. For more information fill out our request form.

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