Wedding Shoes – How to choose the best

Wedding shoes are another fundamental thing for a bride (certainly the most important). Choosing wedding shoes is never easy. There are such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors that finding the pair that will work perfectly with the dress you’ve chosen can seem like such a difficult decision.
Let’s be honest, the ceremony aisle is basically the equivalent of the real girl’s runway. With all eyes on you, you’re going to want to totally rock your bridal look — and a killer pair of heels to put the finishing touch on that perfectly fitting gown will do just the trick

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Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Stewart Weitzman, Aruna Seth, Giuseppe Zanotti are among the most popular shoe designers around the world and undoubtedly their creations are totally amazing. Not always beautiful shoes and comfort are synonymous, but after all no pain, no gain!

Here below some useful advice, before you choose your perfect shoes!

1. Remember, you will be wearing your shoes from early in the morning until the last thing at night. Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind and have additional padding exactly for this purpose. Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap shoes that lack this padding and the extra support that makes wearing them not just tolerable, but comfortable, on your big day.

2. Pick wedding shoes that will allow flexibility, wear ability and most importantly stability! The best thing you can do is pick a shoe with a secure heel hold or a strap that will help it stay on your foot. If you have chosen to wear heeled shoes higher than you normally would, then we would highly recommend purchasing a strap shoe for comfort. Also, when trying on wedding shoes, make sure you try on several sizes to see which one fits you best.


3. High heels or medium? Every Brides must wear what they are used to and comfortable with on their wedding day. If you’re not used to wearing sky high heels but you want some height then great alternatives are available like platform heels or lower kitten heels, while satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes for those of us that prefer flats.

4. Consider the fabric and the color! Silk and satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, but naturally your wedding dress and personal taste are going to have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. Not only should you shoes be a great match for your dress, and do the setting, location and style of your wedding – but it’s very important that they reflect your personality.

5. VERY USEFUL SUGGESTION! Even if you’ll choose a comfortable pair of shoes, consider that they can pinch and cause soreness from rubbing, so it would be better if you pop your new wedding shoes and walk around for few minutes. By doing this, you will feel where the shoe is causing any rubbing and give you time to make any adjustments and stretch them out some more.
Maybe you can consider to have two pairs of wedding shoes, one just for the Ceremony and photo shooting, and a pair of more comfortable flat ballet slippers to change into for later on (or just flip flop), so you can enjoy your dancing time!


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