The perfect show cooking for your wedding

Perfect Show Cooking for Your Wedding

Italy is a country rich in gastronomic traditions, loved and reproduced all over the world. On your wedding day, you can take the opportunity to include local delicacies in your innovative reception menu.


If you are looking for something original to intrigue and engage your guests, a live Show Cooking is the perfect choice.

  What exactly is a wedding show cooking? It is a real cuisine performance where the chef cooks and prepares the dish to be served right in front of your guests. According to your taste, you can include one or more live stations where local delicacies are prepared, adding a fun and tasty element to your reception. The live cooking element will truly amaze your guests: they will be able to see how the food is cooked, ask questions and learn the secrets of each step of the preparation. This way, they will live a scenic, engaging experience and appreciate even more your sought-after menu having seen its realization. Moreover, they will also be able to taste in person the recipes learned and try to recreate at home the gastronomic delicacy that they preferred. You will have an endless variety of dishes to choose from for your show cooking, including national and regional traditional recipes. Here are five examples to tickle your taste buds:
  • Cheese corner
The most popular option is to have a master cheesemaker live station. Step by step you and your guests will observe the production and spinning of mozzarella and other quality Italian cheeses like smoked caciotta, thanks to the expert hands of the master cheesemakers.
  • Frying bits corner
Fried bites are a classic part of an Italian wedding menu. Panzerotti, arancini, “coccoli” (bits of dough), vegetable sticks and many other delicacies can be prepared and fried in front of you. You can enjoy these fried bits together with pickled vegetables, cold cuts or soft cheese such as stracchino, often paired with the fried dough bites.
  • Italian pasta and risotto corners
Another classic and always successful option is the live preparation of pasta dishes, truly characteristic of the Italian tradition. Choose from different types of sauces such as “al pomodoro” sauce (basil and tomato), “aglio, olio e peperoncino” sauce (garlic, oil and chilli) and “alla caronara” sauce (egg, pillow and pecorino cheese).  As an alternative to pasta, there is also the tradition of risotto that can be prepared in different variants. Depending on the region where you hold your wedding, for example you can select saffron risotto, the one with porcini mushrooms or radicchio.
  • Pizza prepared on the spot
Who doesn’t love pizza? Include a dedicated corner where a professional pizza maker can entertain your guests with special techniques of preparation and acrobatics. They will also have the opportunity to select the favorite toppings and watch their pizza being prepared right in front of their own eyes.
  • Enjoy regional specialties
 To give more emphasis to the wedding location and its culinary traditions, include live stations preparing regional specialties. For locations in Northern Italy and the Alps regions a delicious, traditional dish is polenta. This simple but tasty dish made of corn flour is usually topped with melted cheese, mushrooms or cut into bite-size slices and then deep fried. If your wedding is held in Central Italy, you can set up a banquet dedicated to the “piadina”, a snack typical of the Romagna region. Each of these thin Italian flatbreads will be prepared at the moment according to the tastes of your guests. In fact, they will be able to add different fillings such as cold cuts, stracchino, rocket and tomato. For weddings Southern Italy, and especially Sicily, there’s nothing more typical and delicious than a sweet corner with Sicilian cannoli. Your guests will be able to choose from different fillings, such as ricotta cream, chocolate chips and pistachios. These are only some of the dishes that you can be prepared on live stations. Indulge your imagination and choose your favorite Italian specialties to add an original and engaging element to your wedding menu. Between flying pans, intense aromas, artistic compositions and flambé cuisine, your guests will live an interactive experience thanks to a scenic and original show cooking.  
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