Multi-day Wedding: a tried and true wedding trend

Multi-day Wedding a tried and true wedding trend

A wedding is a truly special event. Families and friends of the spouses spend precious time together and have the opportunity to know one another, have fun and celebrate the newly formed couple.

A single day may be too short to live a truly unforgettable experience. Well, the solution is to prolong the party!

Take a cue from a tried-and-true wedding trend and plan a fabulous multi-day celebration.


Nowadays, multi-day weddings are widespread all over the world, especially in the United States. On average, these festivities last about three days, but can be further extended to create a real mini vacation together with friends and family.

There are many benefits to lengthening your wedding. You’ll spend lots of time with your guests and you can arrange for more activities and entertainment program to make the destination wedding an endlessly fun and fascinating trip. For reasons of convenience, you can plan your multi-day wedding on a holiday weekend. This way more guests, especially those coming from abroad or with children, will be able to attend the event. It is also essential that the celebration of the wedding, accommodation and all the activities are arranged in nearby areas, to keep transfers at minimum and avoid unnecessary stress. Italy is the perfect destination for multi-day events. The beauty of its historical villages, the lush countryside and enchanting seaside spots offer endless possibilities of venues that can satisfy all your needs. From the welcome party to the good-bye brunch, here’s what to do on a weekend-long wedding.
  • The day before the wedding – Welcome Party
A day or two before the wedding you can host an event to welcome your guests. It can take many forms: a cocktails-only, an open-house-style celebration, a dessert party or a traditional rehearsal dinner.  If you opt for a dinner, choose a typical trattoria or restaurant, where you can try local dishes and experience Italian flavors together with your guests. Whatever option you choose will be an evening event to allow the guests to get ready without any rush. The welcome party is an opportunity to come together in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to being able to personally greet your guests, you’ll also have a chance to introduce people who’ve never met before. This way you can relieve some of the pre-wedding tension and make everyone at ease.
  • The day after the wedding – Farewell Brunch
A post-wedding brunch is a great way to wind down and exchange final goodbyes before leaving on your honeymoon. The event is in a completely casual vibe, in which the bride and groom can finally relax and socialize. Considering many guests will likely have gotten to bed quite late the night before, the meal should be arranged in the late morning to allow everyone to rest. For convenience, you can organize it in the same venue where most guests will stay. After brunch you can set out for some fun activities like a visit to a nearby town or organize a pool party. In this case you can plan a classic brunch with a buffet menu and variety of food options, a pizza party or even a barbecue. This is the perfect way to end a magical weekend and celebrate the bride and groom while sharing one final meal together.   With regards to the food offer, make sure that this includes different styles and items at every meal, avoiding repetition. Opt for a more rustic and traditional offer for the day before the wedding, a refined menu for wedding reception and a simpler and convivial one for the farewell brunch. This way you will surprise your guests with diverse and original food proposals at every meal. Just like the food offer, the venues where you will hold the events need to be different from one another. From the rustic and traditional restaurant to the modern and hip bar, such variety will give your guests a different and authentic experience at every meal. Lastly, if you plan a wedding of more than three days consider setting up optional activities to enrich this mini vacation. Think of guided tours, horseback riding, hikes, group games, tea times, food and wine tasting.

Your multi-day wedding will become an unmissable event!

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