Best Italian wedding food: Traditional and Modern

Best Italian wedding food Traditional and Modern

The Italian Wedding Dinner Menu from Tradition to Modernity

Pepperoni Pizza

Italian Wedding Food Ideas: Traditional

Italian cuisine is a favourite among foodies. At destination weddings in Italy, you’ll be transported into a culinary paradise. Here are some Italian wedding food ideas.

Aperitifs are served before the wedding meal, usually between 6pm and 7pm. They can be served in the bar, or in a separate room.

At weddings in Italy, aperitifs are often served with a variety of snacks such as breadsticks, olives, nuts, and crisps. There are also some more unusual options such as cheese sticks, mini pizza slices, small pastries and small cured meats.

Italian wedding food traditionally consists of, pasta, ravioli and risotto. They are usually served as appetisers at the reception or main course at the dinner table. Meat dishes such as Veal, Pork, Lamb and Beef are also popular choices for a traditional Italian wedding menu. These dishes are usually served with side dishes like pasta, rice or risotto. Fish dishes on the other hand, such as Cod and Tuna, are often served with vegetables or salad as side dishes.

Italian Wedding Food Ideas: Modern

Italian weddings are famous for their lavish and extravagant menu. The wedding menu is typically made up of dishes that are full of flavor and color.

Is there any Italian wedding menu that is up to date and modern?

The answer is yes! Modern Italian menus are all over social media, blogs, and magazines these days. A lot of them have a lot of similarities with international dishes that you can find in any country worldwide. There’s an Italian restaurant in New York City called Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria that serves a modern menu which includes “Pizza Margherita”. The traditional Italian dish has been given a new twist by adding basil pesto and fresh tomatoes on top of the pizza dough before baking it. This is one example of how new Italian food can be served at an Italian wedding reception or other event with great success.

Taking inspiration from traditional dishes like Risotto, you can put a beautiful modern twist on this by serving it with baked goats cheese and caramelised onions. This is just another way of taking a traditional dish and making it into a modern hit.

Also for anyone who has dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans and gluten free, all the Italian wedding menus offer delicious alternatives.


Italian wedding food is very flexible as there are so many delicious options to choose from! Whether you want to have a more traditional menu with the classic primo, secondi and dolce or whether you prefer a more modern twist, Italian wedding menus are usually very flexible and accommodate to everyone’s taste.

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