A little Venetian dream…

Have you ever considered how were parties in Venice during the XVII Century?
Imagine yourselves dressed up with a typical Venetian dress and a colored mask on, crossing the narrowest canal of the lagoon upon the Gondola. Music will guide you straight to the beautiful palace ahead, that is just waiting to welcomes you into his very big saloon, full of happy people. Once you get off the Gondola and get in the party, you could only enjoy your excellent evening, tasting some delicious appetizers and cherishing a good glass of wine, in good company…


This could be definitely just a wonderful dream, but consider that Venice is still preserve this unique atmosphere, even if time goes by.
A lot of our couples just fall in love with this dream and take a chance to get it real.

Parties in Venice are very common, thanks to its very important appointment along the year, such as Carnival and Venice film Festival. Most of this happenings are arranged by the most famous and historical Palaces of the lagoon. Among these ones, Palace on Grand Canal is surely the most attractive one, which has recently host a fashion show inside its amazing saloon.

Of course, if your desire is to recreate the old Venetian atmosphere,  Palace on Grand Canal could be ideal choice for your wedding reception, but please keep in mind that we can help you out with the selection of your perfect solution for your Venetian dream.

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