Palace on Grand Canal

Venue in Venice

You can arrive at this venue by boat or gondola, using the water entrance on the Rio del Santissimo, located on the east side of the palace. This allows every guest the chance to experience one of the many truly special ancient Venetian.

evening palace
The suites and rooms are equipped with every comfort as they overlook the Grand Canal. Your stay will be relaxing with the soft sounds of the water against the palace. The furniture, both original and in antique-style, with elegant and refined fabrics, will take you back in time to the age of the grand Venetian palaces.

The Restaurant overlooks the Palazzo Barbarigo, Guggenheim museum and Accademia Bridge. This distinctive and stylishly bar and restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, as well as for drinks and specialises in fresh and local cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, offering also a fine selection of Wines and Amaro.
Il Salotto, the chic cosmopolitan Piano Nobile and meeting place serving cocktails, drinks, coffee and snacks. The Salotto is the perfect meeting place for morning or afternoon tea or champagne and cocktails.

This Palace has already been the venue chosen by couples, both Italian and not, to celebrate their weddings. An ambiance filled with emotion from the entrance on the red carpet lined steps, which fills guests with anticipation as they enter the splendid Hall where the ceremony will be held, satiated by the light and colors coming from the Grand Canal. Choosing this location for your wedding in Venice means to have a day dedicated entirely to you that is steeped in tradition and romance.