Wedding Reception



Soon after Ceremony, wedding reception is the highlight and the part of the wedding that requires the most planning and professional assistance.

Either you go for a little restaurant, a charming castle or an outdoor informal dinner style, we will be able to set up your dream wedding reception in accordance to your taste, budget and event-theme.

Italy is the kingdom of good food and wine and we will be sure that everything will be created to remain in your guests’ memory all over the years.

Thanks to our manager’s work experience in food & beverage, every single aspect of your menu will be discussed and built with attention and care, with all the flexibility that Bride and Groom need, by having a full Italian wedding style dinner or a researched mix of traditions menu.
Reception, of course, is not only food: why don’t take advantage of our wedding designer to set up a dessert buffet, chose your table clothes, create the perfect tableau or design some sweet place cards?

Having a look on the Venue, on flowers, on theme, and of course, Bride and Groom tastes, we will be able to realize your dream!!!