Emanuele Sironi

Wedding Photographer

I am an Italian photographer who is into weddings from more than ten years. In Italy and around the world, I collected many experiences in different photography fields but the way I started, taking pictures of people and their lives, is still the most simple and important reason why I love this job.

Emanuele Sironi (WeddingClic)

In my parents house, since I can remember, photo cameras were always around. My mother was a photographer and my grandfather too. I was using films and polas all the time and when the film was over I was just shooting with an empty camera, having fun framing my sisters and my friends. Back then shooting pictures was a natural way to communicate my feelings. Collecting and reviewing memories had been an important part of my everyday life since I was a child.

In 2003 I decided to attend the most prestigious photography school in Milan: Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. Teachers like Domenico Ruggiero taught me the secret of portrait photography and the beautiful art of seeing the light on people faces. That day my vision of the world changed.

After graduating in 2005 with almost perfect scores I decided to immediately approach the world of professional photography. I began shooting look books for showrooms and e-commerce. Step by step new collaborations with agencies in Milan were getting me better jobs in the commercial photography environment. At the same time I was developing my style for fashion editorials, that have been published in over ten Italian magazines and four international ones.

But what I was liking more was taking portraits of people: entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, artists… as well as everyone, as we all have a story to tell.

During the years weddings were always there, every spring and summer and sometimes autumn and winter. I was already an assistant for wedding shootings in 2002, then I began to get my own assignments around Milan and later all around the north of Italy.

All the lessons that I had in my life are still in my ears. All the experiences as a professional photographer are in the technique of every single shot I make. And all the movies that I’m watching everyday, are also there, in the unique style of my photos.
Because in every click that a photography lover shoots, there’s an entire world of images, a limitless cultural background, together with the emotions that are flowing from the power of your smiles and tears to the heart of myself as a human being.

Today I am the owner of EmanueleSironi.com and I shoot weddings all around Italy and Europe. I believe that the best wedding photos come from the understanding of the couple needs, through an important moment of communication before the shooting. During the wedding day I will be light and discreet, but always there at the right moment, when you are laughing and when you are crying, to save your emotions in a beautiful picture that will let them live forever.