Getting Married in Italy

Getting Married in Italy

For over fifteen years the focus of our wedding planners and coordinators has been helping couples while they are getting married in Italy.

The destination wedding industry in Europe has grown since then maybe a hundred times more than it was in the beginning and now a good part of the local economies are sustained by the income that is generated from the couples that get married abroad in one of the different wedding destinations of Italy.

In certain Italian wedding places the amount of wedding business generated from those that get married in Italy is so great that the mayors themselves have offered to work overtime and even marry couples on their days off from work! To work on a holiday is not something you see all the time in Italy.

Restaurants vie with each other to serve the very best wedding food they ever have and the historic wedding venues often go out of their way to restructure their locals after waiting many years before doing it because of how much it costs to make changes in ancient European structures. Everyone wants to make sure that gli stranieri “the foreigners” return home satisfied and full of joy. Italians love to make others happy and that is our business too!

The charm of the Italian people is evident wherever you go. Where else in the world can you say that after two meals the Italian waiter that served you has become your best friend and you have invited him to see you back home? Or where else can you walk through ancient history in almost every major city, town and village you go through? And where else can you make friends with local villagers after drinking one glass of wine with them?

Getting married abroad, in another country, is an opportunity to view and experience firsthand some of what you learned in School and in the University, but most of all it gives you a chance to become a little more cosmopolitan and maybe get rid of some deep seeded provincialism.