Wedding Decorations

Silolà is born thanks to Simona’s creativity; a girl from Monza, close to Milan and to all the fashion and innovations in new materials and creations, whom decided to use her creative inspiration to devote her life to handmade activity, after taking her college degree in design.


Influenced by her studies, she is lead to discover and experiment new and different material such as buttons, fabrics, paper, shells and everything that can be a perfect adornment (decoration) element.

Her creations come from the idea to provide an unique and original wedding day for every bride which can satisfy the imagination, choosing between color and material, finalizing it into her perfect wedding bouquet, coordinated to every decoration in detail.

Tableau de mariage, bouquet and all creations made by Simona are based on the personality and taste of our couples with no limit to imagination, completely handmade, the one and only, a precious souvenir from your special day.

Since every work is entirely handmade, advance notice is request.