Destination Weddings in Treviso

An elegant old city built on the banks of two rivers, the Sile and Bottenigo, Treviso will remind you of Venice because these two rivers split into a myriad of smaller canals watering gardens throughout the city. The presence of water creates a magical and relaxed atmosphere. Its wedding hall maintains the artistic tradition and is an elegant Renaissance Palazzo complete with frescoes outside and inside in a main square.

The town hall of Treviso, the Palazzo del Podestà

Treviso’s buildings date back when it was customary to paint the outside with elaborate frescoes and as you walk through its ancient streets you can still admire the beautiful houses decorated with fine artwork. There are elegant squares where you can enjoy a coffee or aperitif and wonderful trattorie, to savour delectable local cuisine and wines. Treviso is a great place to stroll around and relax.

The local cuisine makes use of the famous Radicchio di Treviso, one of the most prized of the red radicchio’s; a slightly bitter red lettuce used in cooking as well as fresh salads. Visiting the local fresh market is a must to admire the many varieties of fresh vegetables and produce. Wedding receptions in the Veneto are guaranteed to be the height of refinement accompanied by some of the best wines in the country. Larger groups can plan to host their event in one of the luxury private villas and villa hotels in the nearby countryside.