Castle Restaurant

Venue in Malcesine

This castle restaurant is splendidly located at the foot of sheer rock walls leading up to a lakeside castle. It is here, between the beach and the old quarter of the town of Malcesine, between the waters of the lake and the cypress groves of the headland, that a new restaurant has been opened which is destined to become a byword for lovers of lake fish and those eager to discover its taste.

Castle Restaurant

Whether you emerge from the winding cobbled streets of Malcesine or wander along the white gravel of the beach, this restaurant is always a welcome sight. The hard thing is leaving, once you’ve tasted our wide range of deliciously flavoursome fish specialities.

The owners have built up very considerable experience in getting the absolute best out of the local fish-based cuisine. This is a style of cooking which aims to present the produce of Lake Garda and the surrounding areas at its most magnificent: not just fish, but a sought-after extra virgin olive oil that is quite unlike anything found in other Italian regions, as well as the excellent wines produced in the nearby Trentino, Valpolicella, and Verona regions.

Wedding receptions, join with your beloved in a place of prestige, in front of the fairy Garda Lake. This will leave to you and to your guests a neverending memory of an unforgettable day. Between the castle of Malcesine and the Garda Lake you will be followed by restaurant experienced staff, conscious of the importance of the event you are living.