Cortina D’Ampezzo

Destination Weddings in Cortina D’Ampezzo

Cortina D’Ampezzo enjoys a wonderful position lying at the feet of the finest skiing in the Italian Alps, with more than 40 ski lifts and over 110 km of ski runs. Monte Cristallo is one of the most well-known peaks of this resort where, because of the height of the mountains, it is possible to ski even in April at the higher elevations. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are also very popular.

Often called the “Queen of the Dolomites”, Cortina is surrounded by a section of the Alps called the Dolomites, easily recognizable for their jagged, rugged and unique profile that gives to the town a distinctive character.

Only thirty minutes away from the Austrian border, all around are magnificent vistas, natural lakes and parks to visit should you decide to come here during the summer or winter. Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking or relaxing walks to admire the natural beauty of this area will make your summer visit unforgettable.

Cortina, a pedestrian village with over two hundred exclusive boutiques, is a shopper’s paradise with a lively night life. The après-ski scene is one of mink fur coats, luxury sports cars and champagne parties, but you can also mingle with the locals and try to understand their interesting heritage.

A sled ride in the moonlight, under the stars, is one of the best ways to end your day!

World conferences where famous people meet take place in Cortina. A renowned cultural centre, this is the place where writers come to present their new books; Hemingway, De Pisis, De Chirico, Moravia, Montale, to name just a few, have all come here.

A museum, a modern art gallery and many private art galleries where local artists exhibit their work add interest to this unique place.

Weddings in Cortina are one of a kind in every way. During the winter couples can arrive at the church or wedding hall in a horse drawn sleigh or carriage decorated with flowers. The wedding hall is right in the heart of the village and is a palace with elegant stone staircase; the interior is richly decorated with woods. Your wedding photos will take advantage of the amazing scenery, the chalets, the flowering balconies and Alpine architecture.

Several small chapels and a main church are available for Catholic weddings. The main church is located in the middle of the town as well and is enriched with paintings, frescoes and sculptures by ancient artists.
For a reception choose from five star hotels to charming chalets. Whatever the choice, chefs will prepare an unforgettable meal for you and your guests. The cuisine here reflects the close ties with Austria offering wonderful breads, pastries and cured meats such as speck and traditional Tyrolean hams along with the finest Italian specialties. Perfectly grilled or roasted meat and polenta are typical of the Veneto region and something worth a try, accompanied by a good sparkling red wine!