Perugia Temple – Wedding Hall

Perugia Temple dates to the V-VI centuries A.D. and it is one of the most ancient churches in Italy. It was probably built on the remains of a Roman temple when paganism was decaying and Christianity started to appear in the territories of the pre-existing Empire.

More previously, the Temple had been built on a land sacred to the Etruscans. This makes of the church, and of the place where it is set, two important evidences of the many cultural and religious changes in the Italian peninsula.

Those who love mystery and go to Perugia cannot but visit this church. In effect, there are very strange symbols inside. On the doorjambs and on the neck of the Virgin Mary depicted in on of the frescoes some crosses representing the mystic universe of the Templars, a medieval religious confraternity whose legendary history is full of secrets and enigmas.

Both Italian and people from abroad yearn for getting married here, because of its distinctiveness.