Lake Trasimeno

Weddings in Lake Trasimeno

Located near the center of the country, Lake Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake in all of Italy. Its beautiful shoreline and romantic hidden coves make it the perfect place to plan both your wedding as well as your honeymoon. Whatever type of wedding you have always dreamed of, from a wedding inside a genuine 12th century castle to a romantic and grand wedding in a stunning 17th century Villa to a modern wedding in the ballroom or rooftop garden of a 5-star hotel, your fantasy wedding is waiting for you right now along the shore of the beautiful and tranquil Lake Trasimeno.

View of destination wedding location Lake Trasimeno in Umbria

In addition to being the perfect place for your laid-back wedding ceremony, Lake Trasimeno is on the border between the Umbria and the Tuscan regions of Italy, providing the perfect hub for a multitude of daytrips and romantic excursions.

There are many beautiful and ancient towns along the shore of Lake Trasimeno, many dating back almost 2000 years. Most town halls were built in the 16th or 17th century and are filled with breathtaking hand-painted frescoes and genuine period furniture and artwork. A civil ceremony held in one of the gorgeous and romantic town halls surrounding the lake is like no other civil ceremony anywhere in the world. Many civil ceremonies around Lake Trasimeno last half a day or more, any your ceremony will be conducted by the Mayor of the town himself.

And unlike many other places in Italy, civil ceremonies around the lake can also be conducted out of doors and even at many of the eye-popping private Villas which dot the lake.

Immediately following your civil ceremony your experienced wedding planner will be able to arrange for a magnificent Catholic wedding ceremony in one of the many ancient and ornate churches on the shore of the lake. Many of these churches date back to the 12th century and contain unique and irreplaceable works of art, frescoes and religious artifacts.

Your wedding consultant can also arrange for a Protestant or Jewish or symbolic wedding ceremony in virtually any location around the lake, or even on a flower-covered sailboat gliding serenely across the surface of the lake. The choice is yours and is limited only by your own wedding dreams and fantasies.

Your wedding consultant will also arrange for a magnificent wedding reception at a gorgeous hotel or restaurant or private Villa of your choosing. You will rejoice on the finest Italian cuisine and drink the best wines that Italy has to offer.

Let your imagination run wild and bring your wedding fantasies to life here on the shore of one of the most beautiful, peaceful and romantic lakes in all the world, Lake Trasimeno.