Weddings in Cascia

Casica is one of the oldest towns in Italy, founded by the Romans more than twenty centuries ago. But that is not what Casica is mainly known for. Today Casica is known around the world as the home of Saint Rita of Cascia, one of the most beloved saints in the Catholic church. Every year couples from all over the world pour into Casica to be married either in the Basilica which bears her name, or in one of the other ancient and spectacular Catholic churches, such as the stunning medieval Gothic-style church of St. Francis with its awe-inspiring rose-window.

It is not only Catholics who wish their marriages blessed in this holy place; Protestants and others also come to this beautiful and ancient city to be joined together amid the ancient ruins and the timeless beauty which surrounds and is absorbed into everything and everyone here. Our highly trained and experienced wedding counselors can make all of the arrangements for your civil, religious, or symbolic wedding ceremony here in Saint Rita’s holy city of Cascia.

Because of the mountains of paperwork required by both the state and the Catholic church for those who wish to have only a Catholic wedding ceremony, the vast majority of couples hold a beautiful and moving civil ceremony in the magnificent Wedding Hall in Cascia first, followed by the religious ceremony of their dreams. Your civil ceremony will be presided over by the Mayor of Cascia himself and will be a memorable and moving celebration held in an ancient hall decorated with period frescoes and genuine period furniture.

Following your civil ceremony, our wedding planners will make all of the arrangements for your Catholic ceremony at the Basilica of Saint Rita or at the church of St. Francis or at another Catholic church of your choosing. In some cases it is even possible to combine your civil marriage ceremony with a religious ceremony; your wedding planner will have additional details on the possibility of such a combined ceremony.

Protestant, Jewish and symbolic (blessing) ceremonies can be arranged at a wide variety of locations around the city, including many ancient and splendid Villas, hilltop locations, and in the gardens and reception halls of several wonderful hotels. Your wedding planner will also make all of the arrangements for transportation for you and your family and guests, arrangements for lodging, as well as provide local florists and experienced wedding photographers who will supply you with touching memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Your wedding facilitator will also make all of the arrangements for a spectacular wedding reception, with the finest food and wines that the region has to offer as well as a night of music, song, dance, and toasts that will rival the famous Bacchanals of the ancient Romans who founded Casica!

If your dream has been to be married in a holy city, such as Cascia, then allow your dreams to be fulfilled. With the help of our friendly and experienced wedding coordinators your dream wedding in Italy is a lot easier and a lot closer than you ever imagined.