Destination Weddings in Bevagna

A picturesque medieval Italian village in Umbria, Bevanga is a wonderful site for your destination wedding in Umbria, Italy! Formerly an Umbrian settlement with Etruscan origins, this charming town was once known as Mevania under Roman rule. With a new name and pride in Italy, this enchanting city presents amazing churches, fortification walls and breathtaking architecture that will provide the perfect backdrop and scenery to your beautiful wedding photos. A wedding in Bevanga, Umbria is sure to please, not only for the happy couple, but family and guests, as well.

Bevanga has been amazingly successful in preserving its medieval presence in Umbria. Visitors will immediately notice the old-world feel upon entering the city, its walls containing traces as far back as the Iron Age. The gorgeous attractions of this fair village will not disappoint!

Travel down Bevanga’’s cobble-stoned streets onto the Roman “Cardus”’ (main street) and catch a glimpse of the Piazza Garibaldi, the townÂ’s funnel-shaped square that leads toward 13th century Porta Cannera, formerly the location of the Roman forum. The Piazza Filippo Silvestri is central to Bevanga, and by far, one of the most beautiful squares in Umbria, as it combines both civic and religious characteristics of the delightful town. Here, the Roman column of San Rocco and a majestic fountain from the late 19th century are prominently displayed in all of their glory.

There is also the striking Palazzo Lepri, built just at the end of the 17th century, home to the attractive Town Hall (a perfect location for you civil wedding in Bevanga, very esteemed and premier location of the Roman Baths) and Museo Civico, a stunning display of the wonderful architecture that this small town has to offer. Climb the ancient staircase of the palazzo and view beautiful Italian artwork, such as ““Our Lady with Child”” by Dono Doni and Ascensidonio Spacca’’s ““Fantino”.”

There are several impressive churches in which to have your Catholic Wedding in Bevanga! Celebrate your religious ceremony in the Church of St. Silvestro. Built in 1195, the church boasts beautiful stone construction and a rustic lower-level façade. With crafted molding and sculptures of animal heads, the exterior of the church is inviting. The interior has rows of columns and a tall, barrel-vaulted ceilings; a beautiful place to exchange your vows!

The Collegiate Church of St. Michele Arcangelo is Bevanga’s most important church. Build by Binello and Rodolpho in the 12th and 13th centuries, this historic monument has been restored numerous times, but still maintains the modest, but inspiring design originally deemed upon it. Enjoy the exquisite interiors that include a splendid frieze, tall ceilings and a beautifully decorated chancel.

For those seeking a Protestant Wedding in Umbria, Bevanga offers up any one of its surrounding villas or gardens, also wonderful for your reception!

A wedding reception in Bevanga will be a joyous event, as the resturaunts in the areas are amazing. Serving local cuisine that is fresh and delicious, the food will go splendidly with the tasty gelato and full, rich wine available to all of the guests. Wherever you decide to have your ceremony, a Bevanga wedding will create memories that will last a lifetime!