Destination Weddings in Umbria

Charming Central Italy!

Splendid, rolling hills bursting with colour and dotted with hillside medieval villages and towns: Umbria weddings are the ideal setting for your wedding in Italy.

A region offering authenticity and excellence, with affordable prices. The cuisine and wines are superb and the region begs to be explored. Castles, villas and enchanting ceremony locations can be found in towns such as AssisiSpoleto and Montefalco. We are sure that you will fall in love with Umbria!

The beautiful central Italian region of Umbria is a lovely place to celebrate a wedding in central Italy.

Umbria is known both for its gentle pastoral landscapes and its classic hill towns, home to artistic and architectural treasures. St. Francis of Assisi and St. Benedict are just two of the saints who were born in the region, lending Umbria the title of ‘Land of Saints’.

Capital of Umbria is lively Perugia in the north. Providing a contrast with the rest of the region, Perugia makes a good base from which to discover the countryside for which Umbria is renowned. Nearby is the largest lake in the Italian peninsula, Il Lago di Trasimeno. Encircled by low hills, it is popular both for swimming and for water sports. Also in the north is the perfectly preserved medieval town of Gubbio and peaceful Città di Castello, which is surrounded by wooded countryside and also features a popular picture gallery.

La valle di Spoleto in the south epitomizes Umbria‘s natural beauty. The sun shines onto rolling hills and wooded countryside, gentle streams and valleys. Also in this region are the majestic Valnerina mountains and the hill towns of Assisi and Spoleto. The Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi houses superb frescoes by the Italian artist Giotto.

Further south the landscape becomes flatter, and it is here that you will find the classic hill towns of Todi and Orvieto, which has a stunning Gothic cathedral.

Timelessly elegant hill towns and overwhelming natural beauty combine to make Umbria weddings one of the most loved regions in Italy where to marry. A wedding in Umbria an excellent choice for an Italian wedding, the Land of Saints is waiting for you to come.