San Quirico

Destination Weddings in San Quirico

San Quirico traces its roots before Roman times, to the Etruscans as does much of this area of Tuscany.
Siena and Arezzo disputed their ownership over the town and it finally came under the Sienese and eventually passed on to the Medici family.

The small medieval town is absolutely beautiful and surrounded by ancient walls. In its center 14 original towers rise and can be seen as you approach San Quirico.

Landscape around destination weddings location San Quirico

One of the highlighs of San Quirico and best kept secrets of Tuscany are the Horti Leonini, the Italian Gardens that Diomede Leoni realized in 1580. Geometrical patterns, an English wood and vast intricately designed shrubs and greenery make this a delight to discover. They are open daily and would provide an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos. Weddings in San Quirico D’Orcia will take advantage of the Palazzo Wedding Hall for civil ceremonies. This is a one of a kind location and reflects perfectly the ancient heritage of your surroundings.

The main square is the site of the main Romanesque church and you will want to visit the magisterial palace (Palazzo Pretorio) and the Palazzo Chigi, two of the mosot important and original buildings in San Quirico.