Destination Weddings in Pitigliano

Pitigliano is a one of a kind medieval town located in the southern part of Tuscany called Maremma Toscana, formerly a marshland, now a land full of natural beauty and with open wide spaces and wild animals.

Built high on a steep volcanic rock, or tufa, Pitigliano offers an amazing sight as you approach it. The castle and the ancient dwellings close to each other, appear to be rooted in the rock and to spring out of it. Looking down, deep green valleys surround the small city.

Of Etruscan origins, Pitigliano later became Roman and then the Longobards dominated the area. The civic Museum of Archeology hosts a collection of important Etruscan finds. The Etruscans also carved out of the rock ancient pathways, Vie Cave, going in every direction from the town to the valley below. Walking down those paths in the same way they did is an interesting experience. It his like being in a cave open at the top, since some sections are cut even 25 meters down through the rock.

During the 13 to 15 hundreds the powerful Orsini family took over and the medieval castle in the middle of town today bears their name. The Aqueduct’s spectacular building was erected by Gian Francesco Orsini.
Next the Medici’s governed the region from the beginning of the 16 hundreds.

Pitigliano, also called Little Jerusalem, in the past had a flourishing Jewish community. From the middle of the 16th century, many Jews moved here to get away from the neighboring region of Lazio, under the Pope’s jurisdiction during that time. The Jews and the Gentiles lived together in harmony and during the Nazi occupation the Italian gentiles risked their lives to hide the Jews. Even if now there no longer is a Jewish community, but only a few individuals, you can visit the Jewish quarter with its narrow medieval streets. The Synagogue, where cultural events take place, has been restored, people can have access to the kosher bakery, forno delle azzime, and the cemetery can be visited. Another attraction is the Jewish Film Festival, that takes place here every year.

Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, the well known Bianco di Pitigliano wine is produced here. The culinary tradition of the area is ancient and unique.

For a destination wedding in Italy, this intriguing town, located in the most unspoilt part of Tuscany, is a real gem, not yet discovered!