Monte Argentario

 Destination Weddings in Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is a magic, unique foreland sorrounded by a crystal clear sea connected with the Italian Peninsula by two long, narrow strips of land and also by an artificial isthmus. From Monte Argentario two famous and welcoming towns border the sea: Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, two ancient fishing villages that have become one of the most important tourist destination over the years.

Monte Argentario

Argentario attracts people for its unique landscape, for sea environment, and for its mild climate. Among other characteristics of Argentario we can underline a very varied sea environment able to satisfy all different kind of people. The two natural narrow strips are made by sand sheltered by shady pinewoods that let these lands very quiet and easy to reach.

From shallow patch reefs to deep marine caves and walls, Argentario offers interesting diving at each depth and for every diver’s experience level.

Besides, Argentario was already famous in the ancient times (as showed by the presence of the Roman Villa of “Domizi Enobardi” near Santa Liberata) and important ancient buildings have been preserved since now like Spanish forts and military watchtowers built, in the XVI century, to defend the territory from Saracen pirates in the XVI century. Finally, we can’t forget to point out the regional cooking, with recipes that put together natural tastes and seafood.

In this area are present very good wines and olive oils thanks to farmers’ centuries-old job that have created terrace cultivations on this “reef called Argentario”.

Getting married in Argentario means choosing an usual, different location.