Destination Weddings in Montalcino

Montalcino was the last of the independent city states in Italian history and so holds a very proud place in the hearts of many Italians. The ancient fortifications, which kept Montalcino free and independent until 1559, are still standing, a glorious tribute to the fierce pride of the independent-minded citizens of this rich and unspoiled area. Today this walled city, high on a hill in southern Tuscany, is famous the world over for its fine wines, mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and honey. Vineyards and olive groves encircle this ancient and beautiful city.

The fortifications of Montalcino in Tuscany

Begin your wedding day with a magnificent ceremony in the ancient town hall, followed by the religious or symbolic ceremony of your dreams amid the splendor of Montalcino.

While there are many breathtakingly beautiful Renaissance and Medieval churches in Montalcino it is almost impossible for non-Italians to arrange for a solely religious wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, every year many couples the world over choose the pastoral and scenic village of Montalcino for their civil wedding ceremony followed by a religious or symbolic ceremony.

Your wedding day begins with a beautiful civil ceremony inside the Baroque-style city hall. The wedding chamber is a large, spacious room with large beautiful windows which fill the room with sunlight and flood the room as well with the pastoral beauty which makes Montalcino so special. Beautiful paintings adorn the walls, adding a touch of grace, style, and warmth to your ceremony. Personal wedding vows, poetry, and verses are not only permitted, but encouraged. A civil wedding ceremony in Montalcino is an event, a happy and joyous occasion.

Many of the churches in Montalcino date back hundreds of years and are filled with the history and the romance and the passion of a thousand generations.

Following the civil service it may be possible to arrange for a religious ceremony at one of the many ornate and beautiful churches in town, or to have a symbolic ceremony at any of a number of beautiful Villas and abbeys surrounding this ancient village.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and allow a professional wedding planner to bring your wedding dreams to life in the hilltop oasis known as Montalcino.

Trying to handle all of the details of arranging for a wedding in Italy is a sure prescription for a major stress headache. This is not what you need. Do yourself and everyone around you a huge favor and secure the services of a friendly and experienced wedding facilitator who will walk your paperwork through the Italian legal system and make all of your other wedding arrangements.

Not only will the finest Italian cuisine be served at your wedding reception, but also the wine that has made Montalcino famous throughout the world.

Following your wedding you and your guests will celebrate your wedding reception with some of the finest authentic Italian cuisine that you have ever enjoyed along with some of the most superb wine on earth, the renowned Brunello di Montalcino. You can count on your reception being filled with the music, the song and the dance that Italians are so famous for as you celebrate your new life together.

Montalcino, one of the last undiscovered gems in Italy!

Montalcino is a gem, a hidden pearl in the oyster that is Italy. Come. Reveal the luster of Montalcino and proclaim your love to the world amid the vines and the orchards of the magnificent Montalcino.