Villa Puccini – Wedding Hall & Reception

Venue in Torre del Lago

Villa Puccini was built in 1869 in the new-gothic style. It is a hunting lodge on the bank of the Lake Massaciuccoli, a 7 square kilometres reservoir with an amazing and protected bird life. It is a severe building with a square plan and the insertion of a 25 metre tall tower with merlons in the south west corner.

Villa Puccini (8)

The Villa has three floors and the vaults underneath. From the top of the tower you enjoy a commanding view over the lake, the surrounding landscape and the mountains. In the Villa there are 8 rooms at each floor, with a beautiful reception room overlooking the lake. At the second floor there is an historical library. The dining room has a handmade 19th Century wood panelling based on renascence Style and a big fireplace with decorated ceramic tiles. The vaulted ceilings are covered with frescoes. The kitchen retains its wood fire cooker. The main stairwell is in the centre of the building, 15 metres high, with a skylight at the top, in the centre of the roof. The steps are in stone, fitted directly into the wall. The decorations, the floors, the furniture and the paintings are the original period ones.

The main access drive, about 300 metres long, is flanked by secular plane trees, alternated with palms and roses; there are several secondary paths and alleys. The property is surrounded by a moat and partially by a stone wall with merlons in accordance with the dominating new gothic style. It is a very secluded and quiet location, sheltered away from the public.

The wedding can be celebrated in Villa Puccini. Then the newlyweds and their guests can walk or take a boat to the reception area. Other options include a period car or a horse-drawn carriage. The food is served on the belvedere roof terrace over the boat house or under the nearby marquee, according to the arrangements. Subject to agreement, the aperitif or the coffee can be served in the Villa.

Thanks to our agreement with the Viareggio Town Hall, at the Villa you can also celebrate your Civil binding Weddings. The ceremony and the reception will therefore be held in the same place, adding a touch of magic to your special day. At the Villa, you will discover several intimate corners where to stage the different moments of your ceremony, to share the magic of the park and lakeside promenade with your close friends and family.