Forte dei Marmi

Destination Weddings in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a seaside resort set between Marina di Massa and Viareggio. Located in the Tuscany region, tourists as well as the local Italians, for a variety of reasons, love the town.
The most beautiful beaches, upbeat nightlife and authentic Italian cuisine are just a few of the most appreciated aspects about Forte dei Marmi.

Upscale designer stores and art galleries are open late at night. There is a popular Wednesday morning market all year round, which is a big draw for visitors as well as residents. It is also close to the Versiliana Park, where cultural, artistic and musical events take place throughout summer.

Forte dei Marmi is located near the well-known marble-producing towns of Carrara, Seravezza, and Pietrasanta. Carrara is best known as the place where Michelangelo quarried the blocks of marble for his masterpieces. As he was choosing them, having in mind the exact size and shape of his next work, he knew exactly which stone to pick!

This beach resort sits around a jetty that was set up during the 16th century in order to ship around the world the marbles quarried in the Apuan Alps.

The Fort, after which the town is named, was built in 1788 and is located in the main square. The purpose for this building was to protect the port and the blocks of marble on the piazzale, ready to be shipped.

Over the past few decades, Forte dei Marmi’s popularity as a tourist resort has grown tremendously, particularly with the wealthy. Most European nobles and diplomats had extravagant villas here, and many VIPs and celebrities still do. The area is sheltered by pine trees and is a perfect spot to rest and relax.

The Apuan Alps nearby offer the opportunity for sports enthusiasts to enjoy hiking and mountain climbing. Those who enjoy water sports can take advantage of the Massaciuccoli Lake where swimming and water-craft activities are all the rage.

World famous Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini built a home in Torre del Lago, on the shores of this lake, in the early nineteen hundreds, and it was here that he composed many of his masterpieces.