Destination Weddings in Cortona

The route to Cortona could hardly be more picturesque. A long road winds its way up through terraces of olives and vines, until you reach a romantic hill town – Cortona. Your wedding here is a chance to experience one of Tuscany’s prettiest destinations.

The only level street in Cortona is the Via Nazionale. All the others slope to one degree or another, as they wind their way through the town, lined with buildings that date back to the Medieval era, fascinating museums and historic churches. The view over the surrounding countryside is amazing – you can see as far as the Lago Trasimeno and, at night, lights glitter from countless small villages below.

The artist Luca Signorelli, who lived from 1441 to 1523, is Cortona’s best known inhabitant, and one of the town’s central squares is named after him. There are several places where you can admire his works, including the church of San Nicolò, which features a double-sided altarpiece and a fresco entitled ‘Madonna, Child and Saints’.

Other artistic treasures are found in the Museo Diocesano, which is made up of two churches, and the Etruscan Museum. The latter features many relics, including a bronze lamp which dates from the fifth century BC. Just outside the town are ancient Etruscan tombs, and museum experts will be happy to guide you to them.

The duomo (cathedral) is set against the old city walls, overlooking a sheer drop. A visit to this tranquil structure, built on the ruins of a pagan temple, is highly recommended. There are also many excellent restaurants and cafés in Cortona, which will make your stay in this pretty hill town even more enjoyable.

Typically Italian and surrounded by beautiful countryside, Cortona is a lovely wedding destination.