Colle Val d’Elsa

Destination Weddings in Colle Val d’Elsa

Spread over three gradients high above the Elsa Valley, and surrounded by Sienese countryside, is the town of Colle di Val d’Elsa. Known as ‘the town of crystal’ due to its production of fine handcrafted crystal, Colle is a lovely place to celebrate your wedding in Italy. Deeply historical, with elements from many different eras, Colle is divided into three distinct parts: Borgo, Castello and Piano.

An imposing gateway, the Porto Nova, leads you into Borgo, whose narrow streets are lined with 16th and 17th century palazzos. There is a lot to see in this charming part of the town, including a 17th century monastery which houses the Museo San Pietro and several historic churches. These include the Church of San Francesco, which faces onto a small square with beautiful views, and the Church of San Caterina, which features a 15th century stained glass window and 17th century paintings.

The stunning Palazzo Campana marks the entrance to Castello, the oldest part of Colle. As you ascend steep flights of steps and wander through a maze of narrow lanes, you will pass numerous 13th century houses, small churches holding some lovely artworks, and ancient palazzos. The Bishop’s Palace houses the town’s museum of sacred art as well as a rich collection of paintings from the past two centuries. It is also in this part of Colle that you will find its 17th century cathedral.

Colle di Val d’Elsa’s most modern section is Piano. It centers around the 19th century Piazza Arnolfo, where the town’s main market is held every Friday. Highlights of Piano include the Teatro del Popolo, the 10th century church of Santa Maria Assunta and several historic paper mills. Paper-making was the chief economic activity of the town for hundreds of years, and some of the mills are still in use. Others have been converted into flats or hotels.

Your wedding in Colle di Val d’Elsa is the most romantic way to uncover this picturesque town. It’s countless sights are a real delight to discover and will provide a lovely backdrop to your wedding photographs.