Gaiole Castle

Venue in Gaiole in Chianti

If you enjoy traditional Tuscan hospitality and fantastic wine, oils, grappa, vin santo and sparkling wine, Gaiole Castle is the perfect setting for your private celebration: we will be at your disposal to organize BBQ in our picnic area, wine tasting and guided tour of the old cellar of the castle, brunch, rehearsal party and cooking classes.

Gaiole Castle

The first accounts relating to Gaiole Castle date back to the eleventh century, at which time it was a property of the Benedictine monks. Subsequently it became the property of a certain “Guardellotto”, a member of a local feudal family. Its location, set between the Republics of Siena and Florence, ensured that the Castle was the background of many wars between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, one of which was the second Aragonese invasion of Chianti in 1478 when it was occupied by enemy troops, and during the Medici War, in 1529, when it was besieged by the Senesi militia.

The castle’s history is also a history of weddings, like the one of Lucrezia, daughter of Alberto Firidolfi or that of Elisabetta, in 1852, daughter of Baron Bettino: today it can also become the story of your own wedding in this breathtakingly beautiful setting. You can organize your wedding reception in Gaiole Castle: the castle’s entire Piano Nobile, the garden, the enchanting terrace overlooking the lovely scenery of the Chianti hills, and the Scuderia, where you can relax or cut loose, are all available to all guests.

A ballroom, in the case of bad weather, or the garden are at your disposal for a party that can go on until midnight, or even later should you decide to book all 6 rooms in the castle. The kitchen, made available to the catering service you have selected, is large and spacious and equipped with every modern convenience, in order that the dishes served will invoke pleasant memories for both you and your guests.

A small private chapel which faces the yard in front of the castle and seats approximately 20 people, is at your disposal for a symbolic religious wedding. For larger groups of guests, there is Romanesque church open for worship, located only 2 km from the Castle and set in a lovely natural landscape owned by us. Those who desire a Civil ceremony may go to the City Halls of Gaiole in Chianti, only 2 km from the Castle, of Radda or Castellina in Chianti, respectively 10 and 20 km away and lastly Siena’s Town Hall Palazzo, in the extraordinary setting of the Piazza del Campo.