Destination Weddings in Siracusa

A city full of antiquity, history, mythology and medieval treasures. The town of Siracusa, (or Syracuse as it is known in English), occupies a beautiful position between the waters of the Great Port, the only natural harbor to be found along the Sicilian coast, and the Iblei Mountains.

Some of the ancient sights to see in Siracusa are located in Ortegia, which is the medieval city’s historic center. Stroll along the Ponte Nuovo (“New Bridge”) and Ortegia will arrive quickly. Siracusa’s Duomo, a Baroque styled cathedral, is located here and is one of the most unforgettable architectural images on the island, fusing Italy’s Catholic present with its classical past.

Other sights to explore while visiting this city are the many Greek and Roman structures, amphitheater, archeological parks, caverns, castles, and the impressive Greek Theater -the largest in Sicily capable of seating 15,000. A fascinating summer season of ancient plays is still presented here each year.

Witness ancient customs still taking place such as the festival of Saint Lucy – the city’s patron saint at one of the most colorful local festivals on the island. It takes place each year on December 13, when a throng of carpenters in green caps carries a 10-foot tall silver statue of the saint from the cathedral to her basilica, where she is visited by the entire population for eight days.

There is no shortage of good restaurants in Siracusa and seafood delicacies abound. Be sure to include fish in your meal at some point. Fresh and smoked swordfish and tuna are local staples, scrumptious large oysters arrive from the clear waters of the bay, shrimp, clams, mussels and any number of other local fish specialties are brought in daily by the fleet of private boats anchored in the marina. The landscape surrounding the city is composed of endless miles of local fruits and vegetables – including artichokes, fennel, zucchini, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, and all kinds of lettuce, not to mention authentic trees of lemons, oranges, mandarins, prickly pears and figs. Stop to sample their freshness, then wash them down with one of the new award winning Sicilian vintage wines. Top it all off with a lemon sorbet or a glass of limoncello.