Destination Weddings in Segesta

At Segesta, you can easily imagine what it was like to have lived in Sicily in ancient times. Strong Hellenic customs, dating back as far as the twelfth century BC, are still present today and stem from the Greek settlers that discovered this Sicilian town. Segesta is situated in the province of Trapani, in the Northwest area of Sicily, with Greek ruins of the city that remain unenclosed and can still be visited.

The temple of Segesta is situated in a pristine countryside, standing alone in tranquil beauty amidst nature. A long sloping road winds up through fields of wild fennel and marigolds where the white stone columns add a lovely contrast of the views from the top, stretching across green valleys and the blue sea, and there are virtually no modern structures to mar the setting of the temple.

Dance to your heart’s content at Segesta’s ancient theatre, one of the most famous in the modern world. Each summer a series of classical Greek dramas is performed (in Italian) at this ancient amphitheatre.