Destination Weddings in Marsala

If you are a lover of culinary arts and the study of wine is of interest, then a destination wedding in Marsala is sure to bring a certain mystique to your table.

With a population of 80,000 plus, Marsala is Arabic for “Harbor of Gods” and its location is approximately twenty miles from Trapani on the farthest western tip of Sicily facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is here, more than in any other part of Sicily that one can sense a strong North African influence; feast on couscous, fresh seafood, exotic fruits, and colorful marzipan pastries as you bask in the Mediterranean sun. All are reminders that this was once a major stop for transit between Africa and Europe.

In 1773, an Englishman named John Woodhouse docked his ship in this seaside town of Marsala and found the local sweet wine to his liking. He immediately sent a shipload back to England, and soon this well-known dessert wine called Marsala became the rage in Italy. This new found international trade also turned Marsala into a bustling port. Have a sip or two at any number of the local cantinas along with a local dish such as chicken or veal Marsala.

Garibaldi also landed here in 1860 to fight for Italian independence. Explore this town’s multicultural past by strolling through the old city center where Byzantine cathedrals mingle with Greek temples and sleek shops can be found along the “via dell’arte”or artistic zone.

This area of Sicily has for centuries been famous for its saltpans. The Salt Road as it is called is a delightful tourist route that follows the coast where sea salt has been collected over the decades. Picturesque windmills turn in the coastal breeze and the contrast of the white salt dunes, the shimmering salt pans, and the blue sky is a memorable photograph.