Destination Weddings in Erice

Erice consists of cobbled streets, arched passageways, narrow alleys, cool breezes, stunning views, and lovely sunsets over the Western Mediterranean. Set back in pre-historic times, it’s a taste of medieval centuries past.

A hilltop-charming town at 2625 feet above sea level, Erice sits on a mountainous peak overlooking the northern coast of western Sicily. Making the climb to the top is considered part of the Erice experience. The views offer impressive vistas of the rugged Northern Sicilian coastline.

Explore the streets of Erice, which often accommodate only one person and are lined with a fruitful assortment of flowers, trees and greenery. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the many enticing pastry shops and coffee shops you will find along your stroll.

A favored feature of Erice would be the afternoon clouds and mists that roll in and quickly transform this mountain town to another time and place; where myth and history intermingle in the varied architecture that greets you and your guests with every turn.