Destination Weddings in Catania

Catania is one of the most enchanting destinations for a Italian destination wedding.

Catania lies in the beautiful greenery of its surroundings, during the beautiful greenery. The city is full of attractions, offering historic and artistic wonders for everyone.

In the 17th century the city was brought to its knees by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. An example of its rebirth are certainly the Baroque works such as the Duomo and the square that welcomes it together with the elephant fountain, symbol of the city not to mention the Collegiate or Directed Chapel and the Saint Mary of the Mount with an impressive stairway decorated with polychromatic majolica in Caltagirone (a city near Catania).

Today Known Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage.

Nature, in turn, is generous and benevolent, at times biting and hard.

Etna, the Sicilian volcano, is its icon.

The gardens and the bright colors of orange groves, lemon groves and vineyards interrupt the lava gray of the dark and fertile soil.

Trees, walnuts and oaks, pines and beeches constitute the dense forest that covers the mountain.

Once at the top, what awaits is an extraordinary view that extends to the horizon.

Stony but pleasant beaches, small bays that alternate with dark stretches of dark tuff, high cliffs overlooking the blue sea of ​​Catania give a sense of peace and indescribable wonder.

Do not miss the Coast of the Cyclops, a slew of enormous, mythological-bound boulders emerging from the sea.

They will surely leave your guests speechless.

The cuisine of Catania is one of the tastiest in Sicily. With the sea nearby, fish dishes are the most traditional.

For your reception you could opt for an aperitif made up of typical Sicilian specialties such as a seafood salad with octopus and shrimp, marinated masculins (sea anchovies), anchovies preserved in the sun in typical terracotta vases (cugnetto), molluscs of raw sea and shells seasoned only with fresh lemon.

Tasty and very typical dishes are the sparacanaci, the fried fish with red mullet, accompanied by Calabrian onions and fried fish with small fish.

If you or your guests do not particularly like fish, you can still enjoy excellent meat, horsemeat and grilled pork with vegetables and genuine cheeses.

The most typical characteristic of the Catania cuisine are the roasts and the famous arancini made of stuffed and fried rice balls. A tasty appetizer that will surprise your guests.

Absolutely to taste at least once are the Sicilian sweets, a triumph of shapes and colors that fills the dessert tray.

Cannoli stuffed with ricotta and decorated with dark chocolate chips, pieces of candied fruit or finely chopped pistachios or Sicilian cassata, not to mention the nun biscuits.

Ice cream and crushed ice (granita) are the other highlights of the confectionery traditions of Catania.

A sweet and dissenting pause, absolutely to be tested.

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