Destination Weddings in Caltanissetta

The Sicilian landscape shows major variations; yellow is this town’s characteristic. Representative of the color of corn, sulphur, wild sunflowers and sun, all make this town shine. Caltanissetta is located in central Sicily and was built on a hilltop overlooking these alluring colors.

A short visit is all that is needed to appreciate the artistic heritage of this town. The architecture can be summed up as Sicilian Baroque, the hilltop villages Greek in nature.

Caltanissetta boasts a large seventeenth-century cathedral built on the site of a much older church as well as several late-medieval churches in the older part of town. Baroque palaces also are found within the streets of the old quarter and are filled with a distinctive charm.

Dine in one of the classic eateries called trattorias, or small restaurants, where you will be treated to the local delicacies and customary wines.

Consider an Easter wedding in Caltanisetta when every year for Good Friday, the town performs the Passion Play; famous throughout Sicily.