Destination weddings Villasimius

The idyllic beaches and breathtaking landscape of the picturesque former fishing village of Villasimius attract increasing numbers of visitors each summer. The centre of activity is the village square where people of all ages gather in the evening.

Fortezza Vecchia (the old fortress), which dates from the 17th century, dominates the harbour and is now the scene of art exhibitions organized by an international art centre. Nearby Capo Carbonara affords an lovely panoramic view of the sea. The area features small beaches and coves of every description, as well as long beaches – all perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Boat trips to the offshore islands are available from the newharbour and there are also scuba diving excursions to sunken ships off the coast. The Villasimius area, which has been decalred as a marine nature preserve, is well known among divers for its rich variety of marine flora and fauna.

In Villasimius and the surrounding area there are archaeological remains of Phoenician culture, as well as Roman necropolises. Spiaggia del Riso, a 54 square kilometer area, contains stone age tombs carved into the rock face (domus de jana) as well as numerous individual, or clusters of, nuraghi and a so-called giant’s tomb (tomba di giganti). This village is a mini-paradise of lively nightlife in July and August, and it has a plentiful supply of hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and boutiques.