Costa Smeralda

Destination Weddings in Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is a six-mile stretch of coastline between the gulfs of Cugnana and Arzachena on the island of Sardinia’’s northeast coast. The local villages and towns have become resorts filled upscale holiday resorts, beautiful private villas, shopping malls, and marinas dotted with gorgeous yachts. The main town in Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo, a clean and crime-free playing field for the wealthy. This area is the epitome of pampered living: the rich relax around their villas and yachts, and celebrities can be found loitering throughout.

View of destination wedding location Costa Smeralda

Legend has it that a wealthy group of businessmen first established this area and turned it into a wild coastal strip for the privileged during the 1960s. Yet aside from its affluence and opulence, Costa Smeralda wedding is a stunning place to say “I do” and a perfect setting for a tranquil getaway.

This region of Italy region is also a prime choice for an elegant wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

The Monte Mora is the highest of the granite peaks and it has a commanding presence along the coast. From here there are breathtaking views of the island of Tavolara and the remote island of Caprera.

Costa Smeralda is famous for its remote beaches, which can be found by following a dirt track towards the ocean. The most scenic are Cappriccioli, Rena Bianca and Liscia Ruja, all situated south of Porto Cervo. The golden beaches and coves in this area are open to the public, and offer some of the best swimming in the Mediterranean with a splendid scenic backdrop.

Porto Rotondo is a town set on a natural cove about 10 miles from Olbia, where the international airport is located. Locals and visitors enjoy the nightclubs, restaurants and bars situated around its Piazza San Marco, and along the marina.

Costa Smeralda is a must-see wedding destination in Italy and an unmistakable choice for a romantic marriage celebration.