Chia Resort and Villas

Venue in Cagliari

It is as boundless as your love, as vibrant as your happiness, and as unique and captivating as your style. It is Chia Resort, an enchanting natural paradise on southern Sardinia’s most spectacular coastline. If you are looking for a spellbinding location for your wedding, then here it is.

chia resort_1

This resort in Sardinia has a marvellous 47-hectare tropical garden and a pure white beach lapped by the bluest and purest waters in the Mediterranean, with splendid hotels, seductive suites, exclusive villas, remarkable Michelin-starred restaurants, and a made-to-measure service to make every moment of your wedding special, from the preparations through to the honeymoon.

Simply close your eyes and listen to your heart. What mood would your dream day have? Romantic, in the most secret corner of an enchanting garden? Exotic, on a pristine beach bathed in the glow of the setting sun? Or classic, in the best resort in the world’s sublime modern church, in the cool embrace of a centuries-old pine wood?

We will pamper you during your stay, taking care of every detail to make your big day unforgettable!