Destination Weddings in Vercelli

Vercelli, located in the Eastern portion of the Piedmont region, lies along the Sesia River and has a population of 49,458. This province is an important rice market and the predominant trades include food processing and textiles. A leading agricultural community, Vercelli also excels in the engineering and timber industries.

There are a number of significant landmarks in Vercelli, such as the Gothic Basilica of Sant’ Andrea, erected in the 13th century. In the library of the Cathedral, which flourished from the 16th to the 18th century, is the Vercelli Book, also known as the Codex Vercellensis. This late 10th-century manuscript contains a collection of valuable religious poems. The churches of San Cristoforo and Santa Chiara, the Duomo, and the Casa Centori are also worthwhile tourist destinations. A marriage ceremony in Vercelli can greatly benefit from the town’s fertile history amidst the backdrop of its ancient dwellings.

Vercelli is of Celtic origin, and was a Roman town in Gaul, which was the seat of the first Piedmont bishopric. Although the town fortified its walls during the Middle Ages, they were demolished by the French during the Risorgimento in 1704.

The Viotti International Music Competition, a significant event to the province, takes place each October, and the Rice Festival is a popular celebration that occurs in September. Because the arts play such a significant role, the area is well suited for wedding ceremonies that require artistry and originality.