Destination Weddings in Stresa

Stresa is one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns situated on the shore of the incomparably beautiful Lake Maggiore. In the 1850s Stresa was one of the most sought-after vacation spots in all of Italy. The rich and famous from all over the world spent their leisure time enjoying the beauty, serenity and romance of Stresa. Consequently dozens of fabulously expensive and ornate Villas were constructed overlooking the lake. Today those same Villas of the world’s richest people are available for your wedding and for your wedding reception.

Rising like a fairytale town at the edge of the crystal clear lake, Stresa beckons lovers with wisps of fog and a line of stately palm trees. The ancient-looking facades of its 5-star hotels and restaurants line the lake, giving this town a medieval look and feel. As you step away from the waterfront and follow the winding cobbled streets past fragrant gardens and brightly-colored Mediterranean houses, it is as if you are truly stepping back to a more romantic time.


Your beautiful and romantic civil wedding ceremony can be held at the stately town hall in Stresa or your wedding consultant may be able to arrange for your civil ceremony to be conducted in the beautifully manicured and aromatic garden of any of a number of elegant, private Villas overlooking the picture-postcard Lake. The Mayor of Stresa himself may conduct your ceremony.

Once your civil ceremony is completed, Stresa offers several ancient and ornate churches where your Catholic ceremony may be held, or your wedding planner can easily arrange for the Protestant, Jewish or symbolic ceremony of your dreams to be conducted at virtually any Villa, hotel, ancient castle or outdoor garden in Stresa.

Following your ceremony your wedding facilitator can arrange for a spectacular wedding reception at any of the fine hotels or restaurants along Stresa’s charming waterfront, or you may choose to hold your reception in one of the ancient castles dotting the region or in a private Villa. No matter where your reception is held you can be assured that you and your family and guests will be treated to the finest cuisine and wines that Italy has to offer and your wedding will be celebrated with hours of music, dance, laughter and toasts.

For almost 2,000 years the town of Stresa has been a beacon for poets and painters and lovers from all over the world. The beauty, the charm and the genuine warm hospitality of the people of Stresa combine in an almost magical way to bring wedding dreams and fantasies to life. Let Stresa make your wedding an event that will be remembered for a lifetime.