Destination Weddings in Bra

A small town located in the hills south of Piedmont in Northern Italy, the city of Bra has a modest population of 28,400 residents. With its aged houses and narrow paved streets, Bra offers a distinct sense of the olden days. There is much to be said about a town that is made up of mostly peasant families who are happy with a simple lifestyle, void of advancing technology and rapid time schedules.

View of destination wedding location Bra

The historical structures in Bra maintain their original appeal. The people here like to keep things the way they have always been. Even the local foods have remained the same over the past several decades. Consequently, the town lags in the progress and industry enjoyed by neighboring cities in the region.

Since the pastures in Bra are well suited for sheep and goat farming, cheeses of tremendously high quality are produced here. “Murazzano” and “Tuma delle Langhe” are two of the more notable cheese products that flaunt strong, yet wonderful flavors. Italy’s Piemonte region, in which Bra is located, is renowned for its fine wine and cheese. Hence, the town has hosted an annual dairy festival since 1997, which is held over the third weekend of September, every other year. One of the more cherished affairs in Bra, this festival is valued by those who appreciate fine wine and unique gastronomic experiences.

The festivals that take place in Bra also boast an array of historical tributes. Shepherds can be seen with their sheep as they peddle their hand-made cheeses and remote goods. The ‘transumanza’, which is the ritual transfer of sheep as the seasons change, was at one point a common occurrence; this commemoration affirms the significance of pastoral life for the ancient Italians.

Couples who appreciate the simple life will treasure Bra as a perfect site for a wedding; far removed from the hustle and bustle of the contemporary world. A marriage ceremony that takes place amid a backdrop of history and authentic, local food, will offer a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.